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Hey dot, i think the two things to keep in mind for binding are, 1. Li commented on autodtraddle’s post:

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Is it important to buy a sports bra with a lower back neck, or can it be easily modified in some way?.

Binding with two sports bras. Binding with these materials can restrict your ability to breathe and move properly. Wearing commercial binders or sports bras that are too small My question is how would i bind with these?

The first two are of me in this bra/binder. As with a chest binder, though, you should stop if you experience discomfort when doubling up on sports bras. I.e., wearing more than one binder (or two sports bras) at the same tirame;

A sports bra is a good place to start, however it's ultimately best and safest to purchase and use a binder. Underworks magicotton sports and binding minimizer bra: As well as one bra front and one bra back from the power net.

However, despite being two sizes larger then the previous one, and lose fitting the length of the bra was still not enough for the band to sit below my breasts. Any type of chest binding with bandages can be dangerous, causing damage to your breast tissue, lungs, and ribs. I'm not big to begin with but.

However, how do you prevent the back from cutting into your neck? Binding, bras, sports bras, underwear, autostraddle, queer fashion, lesbian fashion, dyke fashion. I have two of these binder bras & i love them so much.

I wore sports bras that were a size to tight, and that helped, then i wore an ace bandage under it as i started wanting to get really flat. Im just going to give you a small hea. So that's my advice for binding without a binder.

Sports bras are designed to move with you as you workout, while a binder can make movement and even breathing more difficult. I’ve tried many of the commonly used methods of chest binding short of buying a commercial binder: Here are some basic fit tips.

I hate having larger boobs, but i can’t exactlly afford to get breast reduction. This binder is a great alternative until i do get to that point. Wearing 2 sports bras at 1 time can help you get the look you want.

However, make sure you can move comfortably while wearing the bras. Hey, im a teen and want to start binding, i cant get my hands on a binder, but ive heard you can bind with sports bras. I also have another bra that's a padded sports bra but i don't know what brand it is.

Don't wear purposefully tight bras for more than eight hours. Please don't talk about using tape, a binder, ect. If you experience any discomfort, take off 1 or both bras.

Two on top of each other, one forwards and one backwards, one folded up on. With any method of binding, it's always important to do it safely. Wearing flattening sports bras is a form of binding.

It helps me move around easily without having to worry about my breasts getting in the way of everything. Anyone know of any ways to stop this. As you can see, the difference is considerable.

Try getting 2 and putting one on backwards. I’ve seen lots of variations of it: How long do you keep it on until you see results?

Two sports bras was probably the first thing i tried. Sports bras come in a couple of types. How does binding with multiple (2 or more) sports bras compare to a binder in terms of comfort, breathability, etc.?

Do not use ace or elastic bandages over your sports bras. Take two sports bras, put the first one on backward, make sure they dont have padding inside. Additional back muscle is verboten.

In the long term they are safer for your lungs and ribs, but they won’t flatten as much as a real binder. Two sports bras, high support sports bras, camisole folding, and diy binding. There are some concerns with binding safely.

I also learned recently that baby powder will help with chafing. How to bind with them: May 10th, 2020 at 7:56 am.

Also, it helps me appear more flat. Binding with sports bras is gonna take a bit of finessing, especially if you have a bigger bust/chest. So i've heard that an alternative to binding would be using 2 sports bras, one worn normally, and the other worn on top backwards.

In order to line the bra, you will instead need to cut out two bra fronts, two bra backs, and your binding pieces out of your main fabric. And it's nice because if you don't have sports bras around but want to see if binding is right for you, it's a good, easy thing to try. Obviously im binding so im gonna be using unpadded sports bras, however my nipples will show though and i dont want tht to happen im public!

I personally find that wearing 3 has helped me the most, one forward, one back, and the last one forward. Bra manufacturers seem to assume that anyone with breasts is just basically shaped like two sandbags hung on chicken wire; The second two are of me in a vs sports bra.

I would recommend to just wearing two sports bras at a time, it doesn’t make it as flat as a binder but it works and it’s safer than a binder. Question for those of you who have tried binding with sports bras, then binders. Add a second sports bra if you have a larger chest.

If one or both are a size smaller, that's even better. Binding with 2 sports bras. Make sure it’s a proper fit.

For a non lined version, all you need to cut out is the bra front, bra back, and binding pieces. This is not considered double binding, so it’s usually safe. Its actually a fairly widespread trick.

Never use duct tape or ace bandages to bind your chest. The number of sports bras you wear really depends on your size. I have two champion sports bras from dick's sporting goods.

The first type is a compression bra. The first thing is getting the binder from a reputable company. Making sure the nipple is facing front and not to the side or down.

I'm asking for the sports bra method please.

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