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A stainless steel rolex daytona ref. The shortage of sports models is driving up prices on secondary platforms like watchfinder, watchbox and chrono24 where models like rolex’s submariners and patek philippe nautilus pieces are changing hands for more than double the retail price of the same watch bought new.

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I find it highly unlikely that rolex would do a general movement swap to the 3255 across the ss sports range.

Rolex sports watch shortage. Rolex s.a respects your right to privacy and is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust. Rolex doesn't make more money from customers buying up the stock at the dealerships, the only effects are: Since this watch is in incredibly tight supply at authorized dealers, it’s actually trading at least $1000 over retail right now on the secondary market.

Another theory to the rolex sports shortage is that rolex is producing watches at maximum capacity. 3255 and 3235, putting them ahead in size and technology over their 36mm compatriots. The rolex models that typically have the most extreme shortage are the brand’s stainless steel sports watches.

With demand so dramatically exceeding supply for rolex steel sports models, i see no end in sight for the current drought. The rolex watch shortage posted: The conversation was kicked off by danny govberg, owner of authorised dealer govberg jewelers in philadelphia, who said that the current demand for rolex professional models is greater than he has seen for 30 years.

Today, rolex is present at the most prestigious events in golf, sailing, tennis, motor sport, and at equestrian tournaments. But the shortage is hurting because it is harming rolex’s authorized dealers, and up with that rolex will not put. Humans always want what we can’t get.

The details you provide through this website will not be used to send unsolicited email, and. Rolex is proud to announce its latest collection of timeless watches. As i said above, steel sports watch scarcity gives manufacturers power.

Of course none of these theories makes the least bit of sense; Today, the current submariner date reference 116610ln, retails for $8550. An extra 60,000 watches per year is a drop in the ocean that will do nothing to alleviate the shortage, and this means prices on the secondary market will remain well above retail prices at authorized dealers.

“the phenomenon of the waiting list has been built up over decades,” explains koullapis, “and started in 1988 when rolex fitted its cosmograph with an automatic zenith movement.” I asked justin koullapis, partner at the watch club and an expert in all matters related to rolex, why there are such long waiting lists. If there is a general shortage of ss sports watches right now including subs, gmts, explorer 2 etc., imo it is probably not due to some major launch in basel 2018.

I walk into half a dozen rolex ads every month to see what is available. In other words, rolex cannot keep up with the current surge in demand, and therefore, there is a shortage. The shortage of steel submariners isn’t new but the situation is getting worse since all the steel, professional rolex watches are seen as investment vehicles.

This is what many people consider to be the pinnacle of rolex watches. Those who argue that this is the case mean that rolex first needs to educate new watchmakers and technicians, and this takes time. And rolex is the undisputed leader when it comes to building and maintaining that brand.

A story this week about shortages of rolex steel sports watches has become watchpro‘s most read article of the year and sparked fierce debate on both sides of the atlantic. A shortage this severe benefits no one except those who already have a recent steel rolex sports model and want to sell it at a. 116500ln had a retail price of $12,400 in 2019.

This month i have been to new york, london, glasgow, basel and dubai. Pretty much all their full stainless steel sports watches. Now that same vintage rolex submariner watch, in good condition, is commanding over $6000.

The reason why rolex sports stainless steel supply is so low is because rolex is changing their movement from the ones with power reserve of 48 hours to ones with 70 hours. Exclusivity builds brand power after all. If they kept the normal supply and make a switch in the near future, there will be huge unsold inventories of watches with 48 hours power reserve.

Each arrived with the newest line in calibers, the cal. Discover the innovative features and iconic aesthetics of the 2020 rolex watches. The bigger the shortage, the more power the manufacturers have.

We don’t believe there is a genuine shortage of rolex stainless steel sports models and we can investigate this further by looking into production numbers. For over a century, rolex watches have accompanied explorers and achievers around the world, from the top of the highest mountains to the deepest reaches of the ocean. There have been dark hints that rolex is actually doing this.

Why is there such a long waiting list for the rolex cosmograph daytona? However, until a bunch of ads end up as examples with their heads on metaphorical pikes, the situation won’t change.

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