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Kbands training offers sport specific drills and videos for each sport. Check out what our basketball athletes & coaches are saying about ets:

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Everyone wants to see their child thrive in sports.

Sport specific training basketball. As well as the athlete’s overall conditioning which is so important for a basketball player’s endurance during the whole game. Being tall helps, of course. And as a result, the classic misconception is to assume that strength training will hinder those finely tuned skills and hamper agility around the court.

Your child will be evaluated closely in the first couple of sessions to determine the specific areas that will be the focus of the remaining sessions. Your goal in the weight room should be to become faster, quicker, stronger, etc., as related to basketball and the movements that you are going to be making on the floor. Basketball strength & power training sessions (gym / weights room) should address the specific strength, power and speed needs for the game of basketball.

Our training environment is demanding, competitive and fun. Basketball, perhaps more than any other sport, is perceived as a game of natural physical gifts. Sas basketball specific training will emphasize the fundamentals with the ball, foot quickness and agility, explosive speed and jumping power, and improve your defending ability;

Basketball team performance training is a science driven program that helps players learn the proper way to become faster, quicker, balanced, & stronger. These sessions should incorporate full body movements utilising the movement patterns used in the game. Proven & customizable strength, speed, energy system development and injury prevention training for any basketball player that is looking to significantly improve their performance.

In basketball it could be getting more minutes, moving up from jv to varsity, or getting that big bucket that wins the game. Adult training they have helped me achieve my goals of getting bigger and stronger and have provided me with the strength base in order to be successful as both a football player in the past, and now as a highly competitive skier. But we all want to see our kid succeed.

Each programme has to be tailored to the athlete’s individual needs and the type of sport they do. Our goal is to greatly improve your child's skills and overall confidence in playing the sport. It also includes the body control that goes into the skills of the sport.

There are many advantages to teammates training together, including: Having long arms—what broadcasters these days call “length. No matter what sport you play we have the right training to help you see results fast.

If you're not sure how to add these into your current training, read on. Success derived from having a greater number of athletes on the team in peak condition; This program is the perfect opportunity to prepare for the season and bond with teammates.

This is fitness training that helps you perform better in your chosen sport. Such programmes enable you to improve in areas including strength, power and endurance. Whenever possible a basketball is used to enhance balance, postural/body control and trunk strength.

Most high schools play two to three games per week. Our sport specific training certification showcases a fitness trainer's commitment to achieving excellence in their field — and for helping clients to achieve the greatest possible results. Basketball is one of the longest and most demanding sport seasons.

Every sport requires training for specific physical demands that are different from the general training you do in the gym. Choose your sport and enter the drills and videos section to get started building your skills today. Speed, agility, strength training, and specific basketball movement training.

We invite groups from the same team or club to come in together and prepare for the upcoming season. A football or basketball player does both while having to make some physical contact with another body.

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